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Ship Emergency Response System


The objective of Ship Emergency Response System is to immediately assess the condition of a ship upon sustaining a damage, by establishing the new damaged stability condition and damaged longitudinal strength, in order to evaluate the behavior of the vessel and the necessary actions to be taken for the mitigation of the situation.

Provided Services 

Intended to satisfy the requirements of ISM Code, MARPOL, OPA. 

Part I: Modeling of the ship

entering the geometry of the ship in a dedicated software
creating a three dimensional model of the ship
geometrical compartmentalization
storage of all necessary particulars to be retrieved in case of casualty
updating of ship particulars as necessary

Part II: Evaluation of the damaged conditions of the ship, immediately upon advice of the pertinent information and response.

retrieval of pre-defined ship model

input of ship's pre-damaged loading condition 

input of damage particulars

rapid computation of the ship's stability and longitudinal strength in the reported damaged condition evaluation of operator's emergency

options and provision of the most viable option

re-computation of damage stability and damaged longitudinal strength at new vessel's status

stand-by until ship reaches the port of refuge

submission of full printouts for filing and claim purposes

Part III: Preparation and performance of emergency exercises which help clients to deal effectively with emergency situations and to increase overall preparedness for emergency actions. 

Part IV: Additional services may be rendered by the provision of a Qualified Individual
and preparation of an Emergency Response Plan as required by OPA90.

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